You Aspire to the Summits of Both Business and Legacy Success…

“Now It’s Time, with the Right Team, the Right Strategies, the Right Peers... to Achieve Both! Nail your Business Growth & your Legacy Project! (and Make Life-Long Legacy Connections)

What happened to those plans of making a difference…

…creating more time and money freedom so you can launch something that fulfills your heart and spirit, as much as it fills your bank account?

You remember that “legacy project” you wanted to create, right?

It was going to be your mark on the world, your contribution and that one thing you could do with your life-after-business-success.

Day – after – day, month – after – month and year – after - year, that next business peak seemed like it was just around the corner, you knew the time was coming to invest in that BIG project you’ve always dreamed of…

How would your life be different if you could simultaneously figure out the missing components to your business strategy, no longer delay the full manifestation of your legacy project, and finally…

  1. Nail your Next Business Peak
  2. Launch or Leap-Frog your Legacy Project into the world.
  3. Fully-Align with fellow Legacy Entrepreneurs/Executives - For Life!

Hi there,

We’re Shawn Shewchuck and Heather Ramsey and for the past 12 months we’ve collaborated and worked on filling THIS specific gap, those 3 missing pieces in the “unique business/legacy puzzle” which has eluded you and many other business owners.

Hi there,

We’re Shawn Shewchuck and Heather Ramsey and for the past 12 months we’ve collaborated and worked on filling THAT gap, that missing piece in the “unique” entrepreneurial puzzle which has alluded you and many other business owners.

Shawn Shewchuk

Founder at Change Your Results!


When many of North America’s high achievers seek a strategic expert to assist them in the achievement and acceleration their results, they typically seek out or are introduced to Shawn Shewchuk. Shawn Shewchuk is committed to studying, understanding and helping others achieve more, in less time. If you want to better your life, your career or business, and of course your results, you need to meet Shawn.Shawn Shewchuk is the authority on Results!

Shawn has been described as the “Results Specialist,” who facilitates a positive outcome for others. Every individual or organization that Shawn partners with, benefits from his extensive network of contacts and friends.

Shawn is frequently asked to speak at events around the world, and is sought out as the expert on the topics of business, success and results by media outlets and publications across North America and abroad. He is the author of numerous publications, articles and e-books including the bestseller, Change Your Mind, Change Your Results. Shawn is the #1 Results Coach in the Country!

Heather Ramsey

Founder & Business Growth Expert at Rewired WorldWide, and Chief Training Officer at WEVO Global.


Heather Ramsey has over 25 years of experience running successful businesses, leading executive teams, teaching at business schools, and producing profit, people, and planet results.

One of the biggest profit & planet results she has produced to date is in her capacity as a member of the Minister of Energy's Advisory Council, where she negotiated with the leaders of the coal, nuclear, & natural gas sectors to reduce the nuclear energy quota from 50% down to 40%, and double the renewable energy & energy conservation quotas - resulting in millions of dollars & emissions saved.

Heather is committed to leaving every business, every person, and the planet better than she found it, through bringing her master strategy, facilitation & business savvy to produce win-win-win outcomes. In her leisure time, she enjoys dancing, nature adventures, art, and great dinners with great friends & colleagues.

Finally, we’ve decided to share the roadmap we’ve created and allow you the environment you’ve been seeking, surrounded by individuals on a similar path of life, livelihood & legacy success.

Sorry it took us until 2018 to find you but, now that we've found eachother…

…we’d like to invite you to apply for our 3-day “Un-Event” where 30 exceptional entrepreneurs/executives are going to go through a process that ensures they receive and exchange the best, missing components to YOUR…

…business strategy and your legacy roll-out, all while giving you the experience of having a mastermind of bright, passionate business minds to share and grow your achievements with.

Keep in mind, this isn’t just a weekend event. If you so choose, you will have this support network for life.

We’re all going to help one another unearth those winning strategies, while contributing to one another’s success in formulating, implementing and initiating all of our business & legacy endeavors.

So…if you have the “What’s in it for me” mindset, please don’t fill out the application.

This about contribution and realizing by playing at this level, everything you wish to achieve can be had as a bi-product of helping those in your group and the world simultaneously!

Only 30 spots available for this exclusive event!

April 13 - 15, 2018 in Toronto (location to be announced)

“We Understand What It’s Like When Money Stops Being the Driving Force of Your Focus”

Money is important, it’s true!

But, as you know…there comes a point in your success when it stops being about the money, the accumulation of stuff and just settling for less than what you dream to create.

At this stage in your entrepreneurial journey, you need to make some different decisions while, ideally, having the right "peer advisers" to help you to navigate the waters toward the bigger dream, more easily & effortlessly than ever before.

Your Business Wealth Legacy!

If you’re at the stage where you’ve been thinking, “I’d go bigger if I had the right people to align my efforts and energy with,” and you’ve been quietly feeling the need to breakthrough to the next level…

…then it’s time for you to step up and say “IT’S MY TIME!”

This isn’t about creating the next big milestone in your business to make more money than you have…you’ve been doing well with that time and time again.

This event is about …

Creating strategies, systems and exponential growth in order to grow a new legacy project that is life changing, close to your heart and paradigm shifting for the world.

Business owners have too often seen their ambitions and passions for a great cause swept under the rug and ignored due to the heavy burden their businesses place on them.

We understand and that’s why we want to show you:

  • Next level strategies to put systems in place that will provide exponential growth toward your major business growth wins.

  • Begin to develop and gain clarity one what your legacy project is, how to launch that project, in a way where it actually produces noticeable results, so that when you get to the end of your life you can truly feel satisfied, vs dying with the dream still inside..

  • Discover how you can easily and quickly align with the right players for your business, while creating lifelong partnerships who will enhance the mission of your legacy project.

Once again, we know you’ve accomplished major milestones in your initiatives and we want to see you climb to the summit of the twin peaks - livelihood & legacy.

We know some of you want to…

  • Create programs that help underprivileged children in their community.

  • Launch a global initiative to bring 1st world education to 3rd world regions who have long been forgotten by society.

  • Create profound scientific developments into how we can better care for our forests, lakes, streams and oceans.

  • Join forces & catapult the Business Wealth Legacy Community to allow their initiatives to be part of a larger mission…instead of just gauging growth by dollars in and dollars out.

We’re grateful you’ve decided to climb to the peak of this huge commitment and undertaking to align yourself with the right players, partners and communities while developing the strategies, systems and models you need to make this all happen.

Too many times high-achievers have allowed their mission to slip away, while leaving the world without what could have been a life or planet altering legacy.

Could you imagine if Bill and Melinda Gates never decided to form their foundation?

We don’t even want to think about what the world and our children’s growth would have been like if Andrew Carnegie had never donated a vast fortune to create museums, libraries, arts programs and schools!

What would the impoverished, underdeveloped societies of the world look like if Oprah never decided to build schools, grants and micro-funding to the less fortunate children of this planet?

What if Richard & Elon and so many others never joined forces to build electric cars, get the Caribbean off the energy grid, invent organic fertilizers to produce ‘clean’ food for us, figure out how cleaning up our waters could be an income stream for citizens of developing nations...

Sure, you may not be a billionaire like some of these mission driven, world changing, impactful entrepreneurs but…

You obviously show a commitment and drive toward succeeding in the development of your legacy project, or you wouldn’t have decided to align yourself with us

But, you can’t just sign up for our summit by dumping money into our merchant account. We’re not just letting anyone into this event.

That’s why…

There is NO Buy

Button on This PAGE. Everyone MUST Apply

That’s why…

There is NO Buy Button on This PAGE. Everyone MUST Apply

We’re approving each application ourselves.

That’s right, we have an application process to ensure the 30 attendees of this “un-event” are going to be surrounded by other folks who compliment them and their ambitions.

You know what it’s like, going to events where folks just aren’t where you are, haven’t achieved what you achieved or, entrepreneurs who seemed to have figured it out while you’re still confused about your next steps.

We’re looking to draw a group of people who have grown successful businesses, created a significant means of wealth in their lives and who have reached the summit of wealth and are ready for the PEAK of what a true world impacting, life altering legacy has to offer.

You Want a Clear Path to Each “Next Peak” and We Want to Ensure this Private Business Wealth Legacy Will Carve a Crystal-Clear Path to Your “Entrepreneurial Everest!”

The path is fraught with uncharted, foreign terrain you have yet to survey, traverse or reach…so let’s make sure this gathering is right for you.

So, if you are ready to meet your “Advisory Board” and apply to be part of this breakthrough, business legacy path to your ultimate success and passions and you are ready for…

  • An objective set of eyes looking over your business model to help you plug the leaks and fill the gaps

  • A collaborative set of hands on your legacy project

  • Developing clear targets and milestones

  • The systems that will free you

  •   The exit strategy we are all building our businesses for

  •  The right business model to optimize your sales

  • A team of dynamic people that you would fight to work with

  •  The market differentiating idea

…then it’s time for you to fill out the application, because the Business Wealth Legacy Gathering will be held this September 28-30, 2018 in Toronto at an exclusive location.

We’re going to have special, early pricing until July 31st  so don’t waste time!

The time is this year, right now and when we approve you and 30 other people…the doors to this event will be closed to all other applicants.

If you are an entrepreneur with a commitment to growth and success, you’ve achieved a revenue producing business but haven’t reached the peak and you have a vision of or have started a legacy project then…

Fill Out the Application RIGHT NOW!

After you have filled out the application on the next page, we will personally look it over.

That’s right, we are personally looking over each-and-every application that comes in and one of us will be personally scheduling a call to speak with you.

Once we have our call and we all decide this is the right place for you to be, we’ll immediately send you to a link where you can register your spot for this exclusive event.

But you MUST hurry.

As we said, seating is EXTREMELY limited and time is running out.

Don’t let this be yet another year where your legacy project slips by and you stay trapped in the business that was meant to ensure your freedom.



or call us at:

1 (877) 258-2643